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An overview of the “Swiss Riviera” – Montreux, Switzerland

There is just so much to learn about Montreux, Switzerland that I don’t want to tackle the city in just one post. It just wouldn’t be fair!  So be prepared for a gaggle of future posts while I learn about how much fun you can have here!

Montreux Freddy Mercury.jpg
Montreux is located along a sheltered bay of Lake Geneva.  Look up to the right and you’ll see a statue of Freddie Mercury (of the rock band Queen).  Pinterest

Freddie Mercury and Charlie Chaplin both lived here and each has his own commemorative statue.

Montreux Charlie Chaplin.jpg
Charlie Chaplin’s statue.  Pinterest

The climate is exceptionally mild here allowing cypress and palm trees (which are normally associated with the Mediterranean) to thrive.

Montreux cypresses.jpg
Tropical trees growing under the snowy Alps.  Pinterest

Wine vineyards also surround Montreux!  How wonderful is that!? You can walk or bike through them or even take a small train.

Montreux vineyards.jpg
Visit for some wine tasting adventure ideas.  Pinterest


If you love the outdoors and wine, take the Lavaux Express (  This is an open-air tram which offers multiple routes among the Lavaux vineyards, which are classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Montruex Lavaux Express.jpg
This tram can even be rented for private parties.  Pinterest.

The long lakeside promenade connects Montreux with Vevey and is filled with tropical plants and flowers.

Montreux promade 1.jpg
Montreux promenade 2.jpg
Montreux promenade 3.jpg
A creative lookout along the Promenade.  Pinterest

The town itself has twisty, cobbled streets lined with beautiful buildings.

Schweiz. ganz natuerlich. In der Altstadt von Montreux.
Very European.  Pinterest

I’ll be unearthing more details about Montreux in future posts but hopefully this gives a decent overview of this stunning area.

Montreux dining outdoors
A simple meal of fresh bread, butter, cheese, and a choice of local wines.  Oh, and that view?  What more could you ask for in life???  Pinterest

You can also visit for more travel ideas!

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