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Learning more about The Majestic Yosemite Hotel (a.k.a. the Ahwahnee Hotel) in Yosemite National Park, California

Years ago I watched a riveting PBS special called Great Lodges of the National Parks.  It was so interesting that I couldn’t drag myself away from the show.

Many of the lodges were built out of log, stone, and timber which echoed their natural surroundings.  Using these sturdy materials made the early 20th century seem like a much grander era.

  The lodges have a hazy mystery and romance about them.  I’m eager to learn more.   Fortunately, I just came across a series of short articles in an old Sherman’s Travel magazine about Top Ten National Park Lodges in America and Canada.  The first lodge I’ve chosen to learn more about was formerly called the Ahwahnee Hotel. It is now renamed The Majestic Yosemite Hotel.  Its location is within Yosemite National Park near the stunning Yosemite Falls.

You can see the falls behind the hotel in my cover picture.  Imagine waking up to that view!

Ahwahnee falls.jpg

The Ahwahnee dates back to 1925 and has hosted Queen Elizabeth II, John F. Kennedy, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, and Clark Gable.  Constructed out of timber, granite, and glass – this lodge impresses!  The interior combines all types of cultural influences:  Art Deco, Native American, Arts & Crafts, Middle Eastern, and German Gothic.   There are many beautiful stained-glass windows

Ahwahnee stained glass.jpg

and floor-to-ceiling windows that offer jaw-dropping views

Ahwahnee dining view.jpg

I’d definitely want to spend some time in the lobby

Ahwahnee lobby
The fireplaces are big enough to stand in.  Pinterest
Ahwahnee lobby 3.jpg
I’d be here all day watching people or reading a book.  Pinterest
Ahwahnee lobby 2
The chandeliers are German Gothic and the floor rugs are Middle Eastern.  Pinterest

The hotel also has a sweet shop!

Ahwahnee sweet shop.jpg

I didn’t see an exercise room to work off the sweets but I found a heated outdoor pool

Ahwahnee pool.jpg

It would be an experience just to dine here!

Ahwahnee dining.jpg

An earlier Art Deco poster ad

Ahwahnee poster.jpg
This makes me think of Nancy Drew.  Pinterest

The warmth from the interior lights make this hotel so inviting at dusk.

Ahwahnee exterior warm.jpg

I found a short California travel video that describes this hotel very well

Ahwahnee grounds map.jpg
Hotel grounds map.  Pinterest.

And an address and phone number:

1 Ahwahnee Drive
Phone: (888) 413-8869







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