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The world’s tallest living things can be seen at Redwood National and State Parks in northern California

These parks are actually a string of protected forests, beaches, and grasslands along the Northern California coast. The small town of Orick is located nearby.

Redwood map

Bring your neck pillow!  You will be craning your neck to see massive trees that grow over 350 feet high!


Redwood National Park giant tree.jpg
I see at least 6 people scaling this soaring tree!  Pinterest.

Highway 101 runs right through this park.

Redwood National Park Hwy 101.jpg

But this area has more than just massive trees.  “Roosevelt Elk” can be seen grazing along roadsides, high grasses, and along beaches.

Redwood National Park bull elk.jpg
Bull elk. Pinterest.
Redwood National Park elk on beach.jpg

These elk are the largest of the four remaining North American elk subspecies. They also have the largest antlers which can reach up to 4 feet.

If you plan to stay in the area and take some time to look around, you will need to find lodging outside of the state and national parks.  Fortunately, the closest lodging is only 2.3 miles outside of the Redwood National Park in Orick.  Called the Palm Motel & Cafe ….

Redwood National Park motel.jpg
Redwood National Park cafe.jpg
Palm Cafe.  Orick, California.  Pinterest

This simple yet clean motel offers breakfast, lunch, & dinner.  Because it is so close to the parks, it might be a good idea to put the info into your phone in case you need to stop for food or to rest overnight.  They do not have a website.

Palm Motel & Cafe:

21130 US Hwy 101 North
P.O. Box 437
Orick, CA 95555
707- 488-3381

For more diverse food choices, the best towns to try are Eureka and Arcata which are a little farther south than Orick. The Trinidad Bay Eatery and Gallery sounds like a fun experience!  If you are a health-oriented “foodie”, you can’t pass this place by because it offers only fresh, organic, or natural ingredients.  The coffee and espresso are free-trade organic.  The tuna is dolphin and turtle safe. The fresh fish is from Hawaii (out-of-season) and is caught only by spear or line.  And none of their products contain MSG!!

Redwood National Park Trinidad Bay Eatery.jpg

Here is a brief National Geographic video showing the beauty of the Redwood National Park.



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