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Discovering small Swiss towns on the way to Chamonix – today’s town is: Thonex, Switzerland


I love videos like this because you get a visual idea of what it looks like to drive along the streets while viewing the terrain .  You can see traffic patterns, traffic light configurations, typical highway signs, and housing styles that are common to the area.

Thonex is located just outside of Geneva.

Thonex map

It has a fabulous-looking shopping center in the downtown area accessible by tram or bus.

Thonex Centre commercial
Thonex downtown
Another view of the shopping centre with tram.  Pinterest.

One of the restaurants in town is called La Terrasse.

Thonex restaurant
La Terrace.   Pinterest

It sure has an inviting flower-filled outdoor dining area!

It looks like Thonex has a flare for modern architecture, too.

Thonex modern house

All-in-all, this looks like an interesting town to visit on the way to Chamonix!

Thonex downtown 2.jpg
Another view of downtown Thonex, courtesy of Wikipedia.






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