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Watch the surf crash against the shore at the small hamlet of Klamath, California

Redwood map

My cover photo shows a pine tree growing out of the limb of another huge tree.  I believe this is called the ‘Wonder Tree’ and it is located in Klamath, California.  The Klamath River flows right into the ocean, as the picture shows below:

Klamath river at beach.jpg

Klamath is located only 40 miles from the southern Oregon border.  In fact, many mistake this tiny town to be located in Oregon!  If you visit, you will realize that this town is very connected to the “wilds” of the northern California coast.

Klamath bridge to Hidden Beach.png
Bridge to Hidden Beach, Klamath.  Pinterest.
Klamath hidden beach.jpg
Hidden Beach’s stormy surf.  Klamath, California.  Pinterest.

Here, you can find old-growth redwood forests, a wind-swept Pacific Ocean, and plenty of salmon fishing.

Klamath fishing.jpg

Get soaked on a fun jet boat tour:

You may see bears, wild eagles, or even wild horses:

Klamath wild horse.jpg
Klamath eagle.jpg

This area of the Northern California coast is called Yurok Country.  The Yurok are the largest tribe in California.  Their website is fantastic!

Take a few minutes to watch this video from their website:

Klamath also has a hotel/casino/restaurant called Redwood Hotel Casino (a Holiday Inn Express).

The restaurant, The Abalone Bar & Grill, sounds delicious.  It serves locally made microbrews, grass-fed non-GMO beef, and native wild caught Klamath River salmon.

Klamath Abalone.jpg

 If you are a romantic, Klamath is the perfect area to explore.

Klamath river and ocean.jpg
Klamath river and ocean.  Pinterest.
Klamath artist Peter Adams.jpg
Painted by artist Peter Adams.  Pinterest.
Klamath white cottage.jpg
Rustic cottage. Pinterest.

From December to May, approximately 15,000 gray whales swim south for the summer.

Klamath whale.jpg
Whale in the Klamath River.  Pinterest.



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