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Daydreaming about what to see in Switzerland before heading to Chamonix

I have been thinking about taking a trip back to France/Switzerland/Italy/Monaco.  It has been 20 years since I was last there and I’d love to go back and see the Alps and Mediterranean Sea again.  I remember how beautiful the views were and the picture below reminds me of what I saw on the way through France into Italy:

Switzerland pic 1.jpg
From the tour bus, you could see views similar to this from the highway.  Pinterest.

I’m not sure if I would fly directly into Geneva, Switzerland or if I’d rather fly into Paris, spend a few days there, & then take the TGV train into Geneva.  It looks like if you plan several months in advance ( I picked January 10, 2018) that you can get one-way direct flights to Geneva, Switzerland from Charlotte, North Carolina anywhere from $545 to $720.  If you fly to directly to Paris on the same date, you can get a one-way ticket for $524 to $586 if you fly into Orly.  You will pay significantly higher if you fly into Charles de Gaulle.  I will explore these options in a later post but for now, I am going to just post some pictures to give an idea of what you can experience while staying in Switzerland.  First, a general map of the country:

Switzerland map 1.jpg
This shows the Alps well.  I remember traveling to the top of Mt. Blanc.  What a view!  Pinterest.
Switzerland map 2.jpg
I like how this map shows the location of Swiss towns.  Pinterest.

I would love to take time to see Lausanne, Montreux ( should I consider timing the trip to catch the Jazz Festival?), Zermatt, St. Moritz, Zurich, Lucerne & I can’t leave out the Matterhorn.  I’d also love to see Gstaad (it’s not on this map but it’s not far from Montreux – celebrities used to ski here in the 60’s).

Switzerland ziplining.jpg
What a place to go ziplining!  Pinterest.
Switzerland chocolate train.jpg
Experience Gruyere cheese & Swiss chocolate by taking this train to the cities of Gruyere and Broc.  Pinterest.
Switzerland fondue.jpg
Indulge in fondue in Geneva.  Pinterest.
Switzerland Seelisberg
Enjoy Seelisberg & Lake Lucerne on a funicular train.  Pinterest.
Switzerland Montreux train.jpg
Take the 55-minute Montreux to Rochers-de-Naye cog railway.  Pinterest.

Click on the above link for more information about the cog railway! It offers some of the most stunning panoramic views of Switzerland.  You will travel along Lake Geneva and then up into the mountains. You can even plan to stay overnight in a Mongol yurt!

Switzerland Mongol yurt.jpg
Mongol yurt.  Pinterest
Switzerland restaurant.jpg
Enjoy a meal with a view high above Lake Lucerne.  Pinterest.
Switzerland night sledding.jpg
Try night sledding (or “sledging” as they call it) in Les Diablerets.  Pinterest

You ascend via a chairlift where you can enjoy cheese fondue at the top before heading down the mountain with the moon as your companion, viewing the forest from a quiet nighttime perspective.  Once at the bottom, a glass of mulled wine will be your reward.


Switzerland mulled wine.jpg
Mulled wine at Les Diablerets.  Pinterest

Here is the link for this unique, romantic adventure:

And finally, don’t MISS the adorable “Valais Blacknose” Swiss sheep!

Switzerland sheep.jpg

These sheep are found in the southern part of Switzerland near the Matterhorn and town of Zermatt.

Switzerland map 3.jpg
Valais is located to the east of Geneva.  Pinterest.

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