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Memories of traveling from the snowy Alps to the sparkling Mediterranean

I have the most wonderful memory of a trip I took with my Mom in  Spring of 1997 when I was 27.

A lot of it brings tears to my eyes simply because the scenery was so unexpectedly jaw-dropping that I can’t adequately describe the experience with words.

The part of our Paris to Monaco trip that I remember the most is the route that we took from Chamonix, France to the Principality of Monaco and the French Riviera.

Downtown Chamonix.  Very much like what I saw in ’97.  Pinterest.
Chamonix 2.jpg
How the buildings are nestled into the mountains.  Pinterest.

We started our journey in a tour bus,  wending our way down through the mountain peaks (shocked at seeing a semi-tractor trailer tipped over on a tight bend) and into the vast valleys of France.  We then entered Italy where rice fields  appeared close to the road on our right making it look like we were in Vietnam. If you squinted,  over the fields you could see well-known Italian towns off to the left as well as ancient cliff dwellings.

Liguria region Apricale.jpg
Liguria region of Italy.  Village of Apricale.  Pinterest.
Italian cliff dwellings
Ancient cliff dwellings.  Pinterest.

At last we glimpsed the sun shooting diamonds off of the Mediterranean Sea below us.

Mediterranean Sea.jpg
The sun makes millions of diamonds leap from the sea.  Pinterest.

I’d like to take this journey again but this time through different eyes, eyes that are 20 years older!  I’m not sure if that is good or bad but I do know that this time I want to enjoy the journey at a slower pace (at times) while driving in a fast car.  This gorgeous drive almost REQUIRES a Ferrari convertible which can be rented in Geneva, Switzerland (the closest airport to Chamonix) or in Chamonix itself.  It helps if someone you are with is capable of driving a Ferrari. 😉

Yup.  Pinterest.

So, in the next several weeks  I will be posting about all of the towns along the way from Geneva to Monaco and maybe even a little bit beyond.  I will also continue to explore the northern coast of California (which should also require a fast car.  Hmmmm, maybe a McClaren?

Florida and Savannah 030.JPG
My own picture taken at Amelia Island Concours D’Elegance in Florida.


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