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Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Northernmost Tip of California

Redwood map

Located not far from the border of Oregon, is the last in a long stream of redwood parks that stretch up the California coast.   Just drive 9-miles east from Crescent City (near the ocean) inland & you will find this untrammeled redwood forest.  This is one of the most “pure” of redwood parks.  You can’t find any trails or roads at its core, just towering trees.

Jedediah Smith map.jpg

Fortunately, you can enjoy the majesty of the surroundings from a rental cabin, which will have electricity, heaters, and lights!

Jedediah Smith cabin.jpg
An outdoor barbecue, fire pit, and picnic bench in the heart of redwood country! (They talk about bear boxes … makes me a little nervous!)  Pinterest.

I’ve read that these redwood groves are the most scenic in existence due to the variety in color and texture.  Some of these trees are much bigger in diameter than the redwoods to the south.  If you want to experience the most unspoiled vista of redwoods, this park is the place to visit!

Jedediah Smith huge tree.jpg
Jedediah Smith creek.jpg
Jedediah Smith map 2.jpg
Maps of the redwood parks in California.  Pinterest

2 thoughts on “Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Northernmost Tip of California

  1. Wonderful post with lovely photography❣️ I was utterly amazed and impressed wih the Redwoods when I visited California many years ago. Our botanical garden in Bonn has a great range of Redwoods now, quite an atrraction too. Wishig you a wonderful weekend. Warm greetings from North Norfolk, UK


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