Louisiana · United States

Three Eclectic New Orleans restaurants:

If you want to feel like you’ve just stepped into a Parisian café,

then you should check out La Crêpe Nanou >


La Crepe Nanou.jpg
Interior of this Parisian-style restaurant.  From its website & Pinterest

Located at 1410 Robert Street in New Orleans.

This art-deco inspired bistro serves dinner, dessert, and brunch plus a nice selection of wine and liqueur.  All of the menu items are offered in French but explained underneath in English. Very easy to order.

Another French-inspired restaurant is called Café Degas.


Cafe Degas 2.jpg
Twinkle lights & outdoor dining.  Pinterest

Located at 3127 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans.

Check out their website for coupons!  They offer lunch, brunch, dinner, and a happy hour. Everything is bought fresh each morning.  Again, all of the menu items are in French but explained clearly in English below.  A tree actually grows through the middle of the dining area!

Cafe Degas tree.jpg
Cafe Degas’ tree.  From Pinterest and Zomato


Fun & Funky,  the Green Goddess Restaurant …

Green Goddess sign

offers an outdoor courtyard & very colorful food

Green Goddess food.jpg
From the Green Goddess website.

Located at 307 Exchange Place, New Orleans.

Lunch, dinner, “wine & cheese”, cocktails, and desserts are served here. I checked out some of the food titles … many are tongue-in-cheek.  As they say on their website’s homepage,  “Uninhibited Cuisine & Spirits”.   Sounds like fun to me!

Green Goddess menu board.jpg
From website.

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