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Escape to the tropics at the New Universal theme park opening May 25, 2017 ( use new wrist -wearable technology to save your place in line)

An island retreat and water-theme park unlike any other in the world is opening at the end of this month in Orlando.

Tropical resorts in destinations such as Bali and the Middle East served as inspiration for the creation of this new water paradise.

At this park, you won’t have to carry your tube to the next ride.  There will be no long lines for you to stand in.

Tapu Tapu.jpg
Tapu Tapu wearable new technology.

Designed specifically for Volcano Bay™, just touch on the symbol at a ride entry totem

Tapu Tapu totem.jpg

and this will check you into a “Virtual Line” which eventually gives you a return time.  In the meantime, you can sip a tropical drink

Tropical drinks

 and relax in a 2-story reserved private cabana ( you can add this onto your ticket price for an extra fee)


Throughout the park, you can find food flavors inspired by the South Pacific

Your Tapu Tapu™ will alert you when it is time to return to your ride.  There are interactive surprises that you can use this technology with throughout the park.

The main ride, of course, is the Fire and Water Volcano, Krakatau™.  At night, fiery lava spews from the top and during the daytime relaxing waterfalls stream.


The Ko’okiri Body Plunge™ is the world’s first slide to travel through a pool filled with guests.  It has a 70-degree drop ( a surprise door that drops out from beneath you) which plummets guests 125′ through the center of Krakatau™.

Volcano bay.jpg

There are 3 other themed areas of the park based upon Polynesian influences:  the Rainforest, River, and Wave Villages.

The location of this park is:

6000 Universal Boulevard

Orlando, FL  32819

1 (407) 363-8000

Check the website for specials.:  https://www.universalorlando.com/web/en/us/index.html

Their blog, http://blog.universalorlando.com/, offers a bunch of information that you won’t find on the website.

Volcano Bay 2.jpg
Artist’s rendering of Volcano Bay. Pinterest.




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