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Fly to a private resort on a seaplane (in the Florida Keys)

Little palm seaplane
Tropic Ocean Airways. Pinterest

Thanks to my splurging on a Roku last fall (so that I could watch Netflix on my non-smart TV), I made a valuable discovery by watching free Florida travel videos …..  it is possible to fly …. on a seaplane(lands on water) ….to a private island ….and stay overnight …. in the United States!  Yes! You can drink champagne mid-morning while resting in your thatched-roof bungalow and you don’t have to trek to the Caribbean or the Bahamas to experience this type of paradise get-away!

Little palm 3Little palm hut 2

Thatched bungalows at Little Palm Island Resort.  Pinterest.

Just as an aside, if you like watching travel shows, the Roku has lots of  “local” travel channels from all over the world. Just watching several minutes of these feels like taking a mini-vacation.  Here is the video that I saw on Roku of Little Palm Island Resort & Spa – A Noble House Resort.  If you can’t afford to stay overnight (it might be more helpful if you are a millionaire) here is another way that you can enjoy this resort for a day ….

This resort is located on Little Torch Key, Florida and is accessible only by boat or seaplane. This is the resort website:  http://www.littlepalmisland.com/

Speaking of seaplanes, this is the company that offers the trip:


I’ll post about them in the future.  They offer flights to a variety of out-of-the-way destinations.  Sounds like a great new way of taking an island vacation.

But, getting back to Little Palm Island.  I am going to post another video (this one from the Travel Channel) and some more pictures of what this peaceful resort looks like.  It really speaks for itself. I think it’s great that you have a way to spend the day here if you can’t afford the accommodations.

This is a map of the location in the Keys:

little palm map
Little Palm Key is located below Marathon and above Key West on the upper side.

Little palm paradise.jpg
Bungalow paradise!  Pinterest.
Little palm spa.jpg
Tranquil spa.  Pinterest.
Little Palm 2.jpg
Private romantic dining.  Pinterest.
little palm deer.jpg
“Key” deer.  Pinterest.
little palm sunset
Sunset on Little Torch Key.  Pinterest.

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