South Carolina · United States

Columbia ( South Carolina’s “Famously Hot” Capital)

That’s Columbia’s slogan.  And it’s true!  Definitely weather-wise.  I would not want to be the SCDOT worker in charge of filling pot-holes in Columbia during July!

Nikki Haley was our governor when I was in Columbia last October (2016) and now she is the United States Ambassador to the United Nations.  She took on this roll in January.  I think she was an excellent governor.   She certainly did a great job during the historic flood of 2015 and then the hurricane of 2016.  I happened to be in Columbia during both events and experienced her strong leadership skills. I’m sure she’ll do a great job for the United States.  This is the State House today ….


and the way it looked during the Civil War ….

Cola capital
Image from SC State Museum.

The State House sits at the end of Main Street in Columbia.  This is a picture of what Main Street looked like after General William T. Sherman and his Union troops captured the State Capital on February 17, 1865 ….

Columbia main street 1865
This view was taken from the State House.  Pinterest.

Now you can stop along Main Street and get a great drink & tasty meal at a place called, “Bourbon”.  It is a whiskey bar and Cajun-Creole restaurant.

This is right across the street from the State House.  Bourbon Restaurant.

Columbia also has an excellent zoo.  It is called Riverbanks Zoo & Garden.

One side of the zoo has animal exhibits ….

Riverbanks Zoo 2013 088
and the other side has a peaceful Botanical Garden ….

Riverbanks Zoo 2013 030

with places to sit and relax.  It’s a great spot to read a book ….

Riverbanks Zoo 2013 060

Of course, there is the Gamecocks Stadium ….SC State Fair 2013 003

and the State Fair held each October ….

SC State Fair 2013 047

SC State Fair 2013 012

And if you are in Columbia, make sure to catch Sanctuary Blues Band ….

They sound fantastic!  Check them out!  You can find them at various venues all around the Columbia area – –  you’ll have a lot of fun!




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