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Folly Beach, South Carolina (a break from the city)


I have lived in Columbia, South Carolina. 

Columbia is hot.  (mostly in the weather sense).  😉

The marketing folks in Columbia know this.  The well-known slogan is, “Famously Hot”. 

I will go ahead and give a plug to Columbia because it  does have many fantastic features including great restaurants and music venues.



However, the reason I mention Columbia is because the steam rises off of the concrete in the summertime.   To escape, you need to find a beach.  Folly Beach is the perfect spot to escape for some summer fun. The great news is that it’s only about 2 1/2 hours away from “Cola”.  Yea!!!   Just wipe your sweaty brow, drive straight to the Tides Hotel    (, get yourself a pina colada at the hotel bar, and sink your toes in the sand!

Folly Beach May 2014 027

Folly Beach May 2014 037
Beachfront rooms with great views!
Folly Beach May 2014 035
This pier is so much fun.   Walk up the stairs of the covered 2 story “cupola” for some great pictures of the beach & hotel.
Folly Beach May 2014 089
View of The Tides Hotel from the end of the pier.
Folly Beach May 2014 095
Catch some sun and “people watch” underneath the blue umbrella chairs provided by the hotel.
Folly Beach May 2014 040
Grab a fun dinner eating on the rooftop of a local restaurant.  This place is jam-packed!

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Enjoy the peace of  the evening when the sun falls into the ocean and the pier twinkles in the dusk.

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Wake up early so you can get some magnificent shots of the sun rising from the ocean.

Folly Beach May 2014 094
Stop to get some breakfast (I think it’s served here!) or lunch at Locklear’s.  It is right off of the pier and you can’t get a better view.  Better yet, dine here at night! If you’re lucky enough to  have a full moon, it will  look like you can grab it from the pier. 
Folly Beach May 2014 100
View from Locklear’s Restaurant.
Folly Beach May 2014 050
Swim in the ocean.
Folly Beach May 2014 112
or Kayak in the ocean!!
Folly Beach May 2014 121
And don’t forget to feed the seagulls before you head back home.  Pick up a sweatband on the way back to Columbia, if that’s where you’re headed!  😉



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