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Opulent Parisian Dining ( at the Hotel Costes)

Paris Hotel Costes Dining
Hotel Costes Dining Room.   See the roses on the right?  More on that later. Pinterest

The above picture caught my eye and I had to know more.  Hotel Costes is located on the Rue St. Honoré – 1st Arrondissement (in the Ile-de-France) in Paris.  See below:

239-241 RUE SAINT-HONORÉ – 75001 PARIS

PHONE:  +33 1 42 44 50 00

This posh hotel has such luxurious surroundings! (It’s too bad I have champagne/caviar taste on such a Super 8 budget.) 😦

Paris Hotel Costes 1
Dining terrace with green vines growing overhead.  Pinterest.
Paris Hotel Costes 2
View of this stunning terrace from above.  Pinterest.

This elegant hotel also offers outdoor romantic dining and a gorgeous bar.

Paris Hotel Costes 9
Evening  dining on the terrace at Hotel Costes. Pinterest.
Paris Hotel Costes 8

If you need to pick up a bouquet of flowers for your beloved, just stop next door at Roses Costes ….

Paris Hotel Costes 6
Paris Hotel Costes 3

And if you’d like to really woo your woman, you can also buy her a bottle of perfume ….

Paris Hotel Costes perfume

Hotel Costes also has its own music mix and offers compilations & albums of “electro lounge” mixed by Stephane Pompougnac, a waiter at the hotel.  You can listen to this music while it streams live from the hotel!

Paris Hotel Costes 7
Sumptuous room at Hotel Costes. Pinterest.

And don’t forget to take a dip in the pool.

Paris Hotel Costed pool

Hotel Costes even has candles flickering at the pool!   If I ever get back to Paris again, I am looking up this hotel!  (as soon as I find my champagne/caviar budget!)


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