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Aruba (swimming in a “natural” pool & looking at ancient cliff drawings)

As I was writing about romantic dining in Aruba yesterday, I found some other fascinating activities to enjoy on this island.  Arikok National Park occupies about 20% of Aruba.  Here you can experience everything from a rough & jagged coastline to desert hills filled with cacti to prehistoric cave drawings.

The “natural” pool (called “Conchi” ) is formed by rocks which keep out the pounding sea.  You will need a 4×4 to get to it but fortunately many of the hotels offer packages including this option.

aruba conchi
People swimming in Aruba’s natural pool located in Arikok National Park.  Pinterest.

If you are in the mood to explore some caves, Arikok has a couple of very unique ones.  The Fontein Cave is the most popular.  The Caquetios (northwest Venezuelan natives) painted these brownish-red pictographs around 10 A.D.  Early European settlers also imprinted the walls and ceilings with their own graffiti.

aruba cave drawing

Another interesting cave is the Quadirikiri. This may be one of the only caves you can explore and leave your flashlight behind.  It has its own natural skylights.

Quadirikiri Cave, Aruba.  Pinterest.

Here is a map of Arikok National Park:

aruba arikok map







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