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Romantic waterfront dining (in Aruba at the Hyatt Regency)

I’m thinking about taking a trip to a Caribbean island, something that I have never experienced.  So today I checked out  This is the tourism authority for Aruba.  On this site I found a resort that had a beautiful picture of a restaurant overlooking the water …

aruba outdoor dining
Hyatt Regency – Ruinas del Mar restaurant.  From Pinterest.

So, I went to the Hyatt’s website to explore this beautiful restaurant further.

It is called the “Ruinas del Mar” or Ruins by the Sea.

If you  eat inside at the Hyatt’s Mexicano Restaurant, you have a beautiful view of  the waterfalls (just look to the right of the above picture to see them lit up at night).

aruba dining
Mexicado Restaurant  – Hyatt Regency, Aruba.  Pinterest.

While exploring the Hyatt Regency website I also found that they offer an incredible opportunity to dine privately on the beach.  They call this “Pampered in Paradise”.   I love the idea of enjoying a 3-course meal on a starlit beach while flickering tiki torches cast shadows on the sand.

aruba private dinner.jpg
Hyatt Regency, Aruba.  Pinterest.

This resort also offers a “Dinner Sail” ….

aruba sunset sail
from Google images – Hyatt Regency

You climb aboard a catamaran operated by Red Sail Sports and sail along Aruba’s scenic coastline to catch the spectacular sunset.  Afterwards,  enjoy a catered Caribbean buffet.  These options are enough to get me very interested in traveling to Aruba.  I’m going to research direct flights to Aruba and start to sign up for airline newsletters to find their best deals (ones that I won’t find online).  Till now, I will keep the following image in my mind to help me stay motivated for Aruba – cocktails on the beach!!

aruba drinks
from Google images.

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