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Flights (and how to search for the best prices on your own)

I came across an interesting article today in American Profile (, a small magazine that is included with our local newspaper.  I want to share what I learned on page 4 of the March 19-25, 2017 issue … How To Save On Plane Tickets.

Now, I always advocate using a travel agent whenever possible, especially when setting up a special vacation.  Your travel agent will organize your entire itinerary.  If you run into any glitches, he/she is there to help you out!   I can’t stress enough how important it is to work with a travel agent on any important  trips you plan to take – trips that you have saved your hard earned money for – rather than relying upon yourself or a travel website. However, there may be times when you need to schedule a flight without the assistance of a travel agent.

American Profile recommends a travel blog from Matt Kepnes called  I just checked it out and it is chock full of all sorts of incredible travel information.  Matt has also written a New York Times best-seller titled How To Travel the World on $50 a Day.

Nomadic Matt book
Image from Pinterest.

I found some interesting new websites through Matt’s advice.  These sites can help you  research multiple flight offers.  The reason that you need to check multiple sites is that most sites DO NOT include every airline, so you have to do the extra legwork to find the best deals.   Here are the sites he recommends:, Google Flights,, and

I have used for years now and have consistently found great flight and hotel prices through their site.  But now, I will incorporate these other sites so that I do not miss an airline that may not be included on Hotwire.

Matt recommends booking early, around 6 to 8 weeks before your flight for the best prices and options.  And if you plan to travel during a peak season, you should allow yourself 3 months to book any flights so that you can unearth the best prices.

When you book, he recommends buying tickets as a single passenger.  I had not heard of this before.  Apparently, the airlines show the highest ticket prices for “groups” of seats.  You get the best price with a single ticket but you may not be seated right next to your companion.  This may be the price that you pay in order to save extra money for a great meal or show.  But keep in mind, you may be able to find available seats near one another during the checkout process.

And here is one more new thing that I learned from Matt Kepnes ….  SIGN UP for airline newsletters.  They feature deals that are NOT included on their website!

I am looking forward to reading Matt’s book and perusing through his travel blog to learn more helpful tips on how to save money while traveling!


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