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Raffles (learning more about this unique luxury hotel chain)

Somewhere along the way, I’ve seen this name associated with a hotel chain and wondered what the story was behind it.  It is such an unusual name – Raffles.  It sounds high-falutin’ but I’m not sure why.  I guess I should think of Ruffles potato chips, but for some reason, my  mind is transported to a tropical scene of cultured adults reclining underneath slowly-rotating ceiling fans  while delicately sipping from colorful chilled cocktails.

Long Bar Raffles
Long Bar, Raffles in Singapore.  Pinterest.

I guess my vision wasn’t too far off!  You may have heard of the Singapore Sling?

Singapore sling 2

This refreshing gin-based cocktail was developed before 1915 by a bartender at Raffles Hotel in Singapore!  There is just something about a hurricane glass that makes any colorful drink look like fun!

Raffles is indeed a very luxurious and glamorous hotel.  It has a very British, colonial ambiance ….

Raffles exterior
Raffles interior 1
A tropically elegant, British influence.  Pinterest.

A quick background:  this chain opened its first hotel in Singapore in 1887.  According to the website, this hotel remains “the most fabled hotel in the Far East, with a guest list that reads like a Who’s Who”.

The Singapore Raffles was completely remodeled in 1991, a process that took 2 1/2 years but brought it back to its 1915-era heyday.

Raffles tea-time
Elegant “Afternoon Tea”. ( I still haven’t seen this at Motel 6).  Pinterest.

The suites look sublime.

Raffles hotel suite

These luxurious hotels can only be enjoyed in far-flung locales such as:  Cambodia, China, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Paris, Seychelles, Philippines, Turkey and of course, Singapore.

If you happen to stay at the Ruffles Le Royal Monceau in Paris, don’t miss the Belvedere Winter Garden.

Ruffles Winter garden
From Twitter.

This “winter garden” is suspended above the Palace pool located on the terrace of the hotel.  This nook can be reserved for those who wish to enjoy Belvedere Vodka cocktails and a selection of  decadent finger foods.

Ruffles winter garden 2


If you have a total of 6 people, you can enjoy 1 bottle of unfiltered Belvedere Vodka with French imperial caviar accompanied by 12 pieces of salmon maki. I don’t know what 650 euros equates to in U.S. dollars, but I’m sure it is way out of my reach. Instead  I think that I would be forced to enjoy the free delicious chocolate chip cookie offered by the nearest Doubletree!  😉

Chocolate chip cookie



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