Nebraska · United States

Omaha, Nebraska (Desert Dome)

In Omaha you can visit the world’s largest indoor desert located underneath the world’s largest glazed geodesic dome.  This is an Omaha landmark and it stands 13 stories tall.  The only support column is the outer wall and it spans over 1 acre.  I’d never heard of it until today!  This fascinating exhibit located within the Henry Doorly Zoo features plant and animal life from three different deserts:  the Red Center of Australia, the Sonoran Desert from America’s Southwest, and the Namib Desert of southern Africa.



“Meep, Meep”.  A roadrunner and its infant underneath the Desert Dome.  From Pinterest.


Remember  Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote?

Beneath the Desert Dome is the world’s largest nocturnal exhibit called Kingdoms of the Night.  The day-night cycles are reversed so that guests can experience the mysteries of animals of the darkness.  This exhibit features several different areas to explore:  the canyon area, African diorama, wet cave, Eucalyptus Forest, and dry bat cave.  The types of creatures that you can see are: naked mole rats, aardvarks, greater bush babies, blind cave fish, Japanese giant salamander, parma wallabies, and of course, many different species of bats.

Wet cave.  Pinterest

Here is the location:

Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium
3701 S. 10th Street, Omaha, NE 68107
Informational Recording: (402) 733-8400
Zoo Business Office: (402) 733-8401
IMAX Phone: (402) 330-IMAX (4629)
Fax: (402) 733-7868

FREE Parking

Website address:


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