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Palm Beach, Florida ( talking about Worth Avenue & Mar-a-Lago Club)

With all of the recent talk about President Trump flying back & forth to stay at his Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago residence, I thought it made sense to learn more about this area.  On the evening news, I learned that the place to shop is on Worth Avenue.  I’m curious to look into the high-end shopping as well as  the Mar-a-Lago Club.

This map gives a general idea of the Palm Beach location:

West Palm Beach

So, it is below Jupiter and above Fort Lauderdale.

The Mar-a-Lago Club is touted as “the crown-jewel of Palm Beach and an acknowledged landmark in the National Register of Historic Places” on the website:  http://www.maralagoclub.com.  In 1985, the Trump family purchased this historic property as a private residence then in 1995 Donald J. Trump founded the club.  Mar-a-Lago is Spanish for “Sea to Lake”.   The estate took 4 years to construct and was officially opened by Mrs. E.F. Hutton(who later became Mrs. Marjorie Merriweather Post) in 1927.  The structure is hurricane-resistant and is anchored to a coral reef by concrete and steel.  From the southeast corner of the lawn you can take a path to a tunnel that runs underneath South Ocean Boulevard which opens onto the Beach Club.  The site of Mar-a-Lago is considered to be the most valuable parcel of land anywhere in Florida.  Mrs. Post died in 1973 and willed her property to the Federal Government for use as a presidential/diplomatic retreat.  A  decade after this, the government conferred title to the Post Foundation due to maintenance and security concerns until 1985 when Trump purchased the property.  I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Mar-a-Lago in the near future!

Mar-a -Lago from Pinterest.
mar a lago
Moorish/Spanish influences.  Interior Mar-a-Lago from Pinterest.
Pool at mar
Swimming in luxury.  From Pinterest.

If you have a Trump Card, you can earn credits allowing you to capture your room location preference, preferred check-in times, turn-down service options, and dietary restrictions.  You can also earn complimentary nights & upgrades.  I’m just guessing at this, but I believe the benefits may differ from  those offered by my Choice Privileges card. 😉 Having just looked over the website, it looks like Trump owns 11 other properties: (2) in New York, Chicago, Las Vegas, Waikiki, Panama, Toronto, Miami, Ireland, Vancouver, & Washington.

Another popular place to visit & have a Julia Roberts moment (a.k.a. Pretty Woman movie) is Worth Avenue.  I assume it is like the Rodeo Drive of Palm Beach.  This is the website address if you want to check out what types of high-end shops cater to the fabulously wealthy.  http://worth-avenue.com/shops/  I have to admit, I started to scroll through the over 200-choice alphabetical list and the first name that I came to that I even recognized was Bottega Veneta.  You can also shop at the likes of Chanel, Cartier, Gucci, Pucci(Emilio), Hermès, Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade, & Louis Vuitton.   There are many I haven’t heard of, which tells me that I’ve been shopping at the Dress Barn for too long.  😉

Worth Ave
Fancy shops and flowers on Worth Avenue, Palm Beach, FL.  From Pinterest.
Worth Avenue
A street-view of Worth Avenue.  From Pinterest.
Flower on Worth
Courtyard.  Pinterest.

None of the restaurants has a name that I recognize, so obviously, no national chain restaurants can be found here.  Oops, there is a Starbucks.  http://worth-avenue.com/restaurants/    The area looks romantic with a very upscale European/ tropical islandish vibe.

Renato’s Restaurant.  Pinterest.
Renato's at night
Renato’s romantic  evening ambience.  Pinterest.

I’m glad I’ve learned a little bit more about the Palm Beach area.  It sounds like a great place to visit and “people watch”.   I’d like to see all of the fancy cars that remind me of Rodeo Drive so much, too!

Palm Beach sports car


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