A Day to Hibernate and Daydream


It is the last day of February and I am still not feeling “Spring” coming on, yet.  Sometimes the seemingly endless gray days make me feel grouchy and out-of-touch with people.  I don’t  understand why,  but it feels like I can’t “connect”. Does the lack of sunshine and blue skies make people disconnect from each other in northern climes?  I lived in South Carolina until last October.  The winters down there were much easier to get through. The winter days seemed to contain the warmth from the sun while white puffy clouds floated above in the clear blue skies.  Most importantly – people hugged one another!  That was so uncomfortable for me at first.  But now, I  appreciate the kindness and connection that this simple gesture afforded.

We haven’t yet discovered this where I am!  Pinterest.

Later this afternoon, heavy rain will begin.  The weather will become stormy with 100% thundershowers expected throughout the day tomorrow.  After the storms pass through, snow will fall during tomorrow’s overnight hours.  This is hibernating weather.  Perfect for a roaring fireplace, a bottle of fine wine, and a Hallmark movie marathon.  I don’t have the roaring fireplace (just a mantle with a gas stove insert), no fine wine (just a few drops of sherry left at the bottom of the bottle),  but I do have a DVR with endless Hallmark movies that haven’t yet been watched.  Things are looking up already!!   I can’t do much about the lack of “fireplace ambience” however I do have battery-operated candles that look nice at nighttime. Today I’ve decided to post some pictures that are soothing and cozy and make me feel better about rain/snow and the irritated northerners who have to deal with it. 😉

Outdoor allure.  From Pinterest.
Fun in the snow.  Pinterest.
Indoor coziness.  From Pinterest.
An offering of hot chocolate. Pinterest.
A candle-lit meal. Pinterest.


A cozy cabin reflected in a pond.  Pinterest.







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