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Treebones Resort, Big Sur, California

Glamping, yurts, and human nests.  What are these things??  I’ve actually heard of the 1st two, but had to do a little research regarding the “human nest”.  You can find these unique lodging choices at Treebones Resort located off of the Pacific Coast Highway in South Big Sur, California.

Glamping:  a luxurious form of camping that combines traditional camping with upscale resort amenities.

Example of “glamping”.  Found on Pinterest

Yurt:  tent-like circular fabric structures with wood lattice frames.

Treebones Resort “yurt” with a tremendous view of Pacific Ocean.  Found on Pinterest.

The yurts found at Treebones include plush queen beds with colorful quilts, nice bed linens, and polished pine wood floors. Each yurt has a heat source, electricity, and a hot/cold vanity sink.  You can take in the coastal views by stepping through the french doors onto the redwood deck.

Yurt interior at Treebones.  Found on Pinterest.
Coastal view from yurt.  Found on Pinterest.

If a yurt is not to your liking, you might want to try a “human  nest”.   These apparently offer some of the best views at Treebones.

Human Nest. From Pinterest.

Human Nests are made out of woven wood by Big Sur artist Jayson Fann.  They include a picnic table and access to water.  You climb the ladder with your own sleeping bags and pillows to lay onto the full-sized futon mattress which the resort provides. human-nest-view

Looking out of a Human Nest.  From Pinterest.

There is a 2-night minimum to stay in a Human Nest and they encourage you to bring your own tent in case of rain, as the nests are not waterproof.

Another alternative is the “autonomous tent”.  This one-of-a-kind tent is located on the edge of the resort and is secluded.  It looks like a giant cocoon and has its own outdoor fire pit.

From Pinterest.
From Pinterest.
From Pinterest.

As if all of this were not enough, how about dining at the on-site restaurant called Wild Coast??

Wild Coast Restaurant & Sushi Bar

The chef attended culinary school in Nice and is originally from Monaco.  He has had much experience from the French Riviera, Israel, and later in the U.S. at various high-end restaurants.  He specializes in locally-sourced ingredients.  If you like sushi, don’t miss that here, as well!

Sushi Bar.  From Pinterest.

To round out your experience, schedule a relaxing massage or take a yoga workshop.  This resort sounds like it provides a fantastic, unusual, peaceful experience.  This is their website:

and their contact info:

Treebones Resort

TOLL FREE 877.424.4787

71895 Hwy 1

South Big Sur, California 93920

Owners John & Corinne Handy

From Pinterest.

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