Le Panoramic Restaurant, France

If you travel to the area of Chamonix – Mont Blanc in France, DON’T MISS this restaurant!

Le Panoramic.  Photo from Pinterest.

Okay, so it looks cold.  But … how can you turn away from that view?  How many people have ever eaten a meal with a setting like that?  You can get a snack or a lunch here on your way up Mont Blanc.  It is situated on the summit of Brévent

From Google

above the town of Chamonix.  Chamonix is a ski resort area near the junction of France, Switzerland, and Italy.  Mont Blanc is the highest summit in the Alps.  Cable cars take people all of the way up the mountain and visit several nearby peaks with panoramic views, such as Le Brevent.

From Pinterest

I was in Chamonix in 1997 and I took the cable car up to the Aiguille du Midi which is the top station of Mont Blanc.

Jaw-dropping views of Aiguille du Midi and Chamonix at the bottom.  From Pinterest.
Aiguille du Midi.  From Pinterest

I wish I’d had the opportunity to visit this restaurant while I was there.  The views can’t be replicated anywhere else.  I understand that they serve regional cuisine and offer classics such as “grandmother’s roast chicken”.  One of the dessert’s that they offer sounds like heaven.  It is called chocolate Dôme with spiced caramel.  Another great reason to stop for a coffee and dessert!!  Here is the official contact information:

Phone: +33 (0)4 50 53 44 11
Address: Brévent
2525m top of the Brévent
Chamonix, 74400

and a few more pictures from Pinterest (until I get there myself!) to give you more of an idea of the surroundings.

From Pinterest
From Pinterest
Entrance to Le Panoramic Restaurant. From Pinterest.


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