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Telluride, Colorado

In 2007, I had the great experience of driving all throughout the state of Colorado.  Colorado is so stunning, especially during the sunny days of September when the skies are clear blue.  I would like to get back there at the same time of year and drive the San Juan Skyway again.  I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of the gorgeous views.

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On the map above, Telluride is located to the south of Ridgway (located at the top) and to the southwest of Ouray.  This is the view on the way into Telluride:


The scenery all around will make your jaw drop!  I believe the land in the photo that I took above is owned by Ralph Lauren.  It looks like the setting for one of his clothing campaigns!  You may also see elk roaming around, like I did:


Once you get into town, there are quite a few choices for overnight accommodations.  I seem to remember a Visitor’s Center on the way in where they gave us a recommendation for a Victorian-style motel to stay in.  The town is made up of many colorfully painted Victorian houses nestled into the hillside ….



Mingled with more architecturally modern styles ….


The downtown area has a lot of boutique stores and restaurants to choose from.  The atmosphere reminds me of the Wild West.



In fact, Telluride is the site of Butch Cassidy’s first bank robbery.  It occurred at the current Mahr building which used to be the site of the San Miguel Valley Bank where the robbery took place on June 24, 1889.  I found the town to be a lot of fun to walk around.  If you visit Telluride, make sure to take your time browsing around downtown.  I liked the fact that the locals seem to  take care of their own who may have fallen on hard times ….


The views at the end of town are also stunning.  Don’t miss Bridal Veil Falls.  They are the tallest free falling falls in Colorado.  You can hike, bike, or four-wheel drive up to them.

Bridal Veil Falls in the distance.  A privately-owned hydroelectric power plant sits at the top with a residence.

On the way to Bridal Veil Falls is the iconic historic structure of Pandora Mill.  As of March 2016, town council along with county commissioners and government representatives met to discuss how they can save this mill.  If they can’t come up with a plan to preserve it as a historical structure, it will probably be demolished.

The Pandora Mill.  Constructed in 1920 and shut down in 1978.  This  mine produced gold, lead, & zinc.

Telluride has a peaceful town pond towards the end of the downtown area where you can feed ducks.


The views all around Telluride are incredible!



There is a FREE gondola (the first and only free transportation of its kind in the United States, according to that is within easy walking distance of the motel areas.  You can ride to the top and stop at a fancy grocery store. That is really cool because you can ride up there for free, hop off, pick up a meal for dinner, ride back down & walk it easily back to your motel!

Unfortunately, I only took  several pictures while on the way up in the gondola.  I wish I had taken more.  One of them is the aspen you will see on the way up and I took some pics of the Mountain Village, which was still being constructed at the time.





Telluride is a very unique place to stop and visit.  You won’t find yourself bored while walking around town or riding up to Mountain Village.  I will end this blog post with one last picture that epitomizes the quirkiness of this western ski village.

Birdhouse in front lawn of Victorian Telluride home.

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