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Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

The coastal areas between Florida and Texas look beautiful with their white sands and clear waters. I think it would be interesting to take a drive from the Florida panhandle to Galveston, Texas right along the shoreline and learn more about the towns along the way.  Stopping in New Orleans would also be a must!   Years ago, I worked for someone who was raised in the Gulf Shores of Alabama and today I decided to order a Travel Guide about the area on the following website:

Map of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores found on Pinterest

This area has white-sand beaches that are among some of the finest in the world.  Thousands of years ago, quartz grains washed down from the Appalachian Mountains creating this unusual pure white sand.  The waters along this portion of the coast are very clear and vacationers have 32 miles of beach to enjoy.

Bird Island Orange Beach.jpg
Bird Island, Orange Beach courtesy of Pinterest and Flickr

Deep sea fishing is popular down here.  Eating fresh seafood right from the ocean that day sounds fantastic!   Orange Beach has a colorful wharf with shopping, restaurants, and a ferris wheel.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest and

I’ve found a website with the top 10 restaurants in the Gulf Shores:

As I learn more about the area (and hopefully visit someday), I will post further information.  I’m very interested in someday taking a glass-bottomed boat dolphin tour. Here’s a link:

Photo courtesy of Pinterest and


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