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St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands – No Passport Required for U.S. Citizens

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On this dreary, winter day I was thinking about a place I could escape to without requiring a passport, and St.Croix. U.S. Virgin Islands popped into my mind.  I guess it is because I was watching a documentary about Alexander Hamilton(Founding Father of the United States and first secretary of the treasury) who was raised here during his youth.

St. Croix is actually the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands. What I love about the idea of visiting St. Croix is that you don’t have to mess with customs and a passport.  It would be so nice to just hop on a plane & land in paradise without much hassle. On the  map above, the location is to the right (East) of Puerto Rico.

The island has 2 main towns:  Christiansted and Frederiksted.

Christiansted’s Boardwalk.  Christiansted is known as the “residential” part of St. Croix.  – Photo by
Frederiksted – Victorian-style, waterfront town.  Picture from Pinterest.

Right now, I’d just like to hop on a plane, sink my feet in the sand, and look forward to some spa massages…. and  the good news is, there are several spas to choose from.  But there are many other fun things you can do:  you can take a “horse tour” of the rain forest on St. Croix (prices start around $50).  You can go to the only casino  located on the USVI and gamble your hard-earned travel money away (or win it back!) . You can “island hop” by boat charter, ferry, or plane ( passport required if you veer away from U.S.territory).  There are many things to do here.  If you like to kayak, scuba dive, watch turtles, golf, or play tennis – all of these things are available on St. Croix.  I understand that one of the recommended places to visit is Buck Island. This island and its reef have been made a National Park.  There are many charter boats that can take you the 1.5 mile trip out for a half or full day.  The west end of this uninhabited 176-acre island has “Turtle Beach” which has been voted by National Geographic as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Turtle Beach – My sunglasses & sunscreen are packed!  Photo by

I will leave you with a couple of websites to explore to get you started as well as a map of the island.  If I ever get here, I will make sure to take plenty of pictures.  I already plan to get out to Turtle Beach, that’s for sure!!

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