Minnesota · United States

Renting Houseboats

I’ve never even stepped onto a houseboat before but the idea of renting one out and exploring a lake sounds fascinating. I just got this idea from a pamphlet that I received in the mail yesterday about International Falls, Minnesota. On the 1st page, I learned two things.  1.) There is a national park I’ve never heard of called Voyageurs National Park and 2.)  You can rent a houseboat here.  http://www.rainylakehouseboats.com/houseboats/the-honeymooner/


To me, this just seems like a great idea to explore, especially if you like to get away from it all, enjoy nature, and stay on the water for several days or more.  The weekly rental rates seem to be reasonable, too.  I plan to learn more about International Falls, MN and the border between the United States and Canada  within the next several weeks and  will share what I find out with you in the future.

An interior floorplan of one of Ebel’s Voyageur Houseboat rentals.


Map of all national parks in United States

By the way, Voyageurs National Park  also has a great view of the Milky Way (Northern Lights)!!  Imagine sitting out on your houseboat on the lake and seeing this view?!


Location of Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota (near border of Canada)


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