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Sausalito, California

I heard a song in the 1970’s that mentioned Sausalito in the lyrics.  I thought it was an Eagles song, but I have not been able to unearth the song or the band. However, I wondered why they mentioned it specifically and became “curious”.  It turns out that  many bands in the 1970’s and 1980’s recorded albums here.  Fleetwood Mac recorded the album, Rumours here in 1976. And Otis Redding wrote “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” while staying on a rented houseboat in Sausalito.


This area draws very creative people to it.  There seems to be so much to see.  The shopping areas are lined with flowers and include art galleries, cafes, boutiques, fine restaurants and elegant hotels.


Inn Above Tide – romantic lodging in Sausalito, CA
Scoma’s Restaurant

There is a ferry



that will take you to the Golden Gate Bridge.


Golden Gate.jpg


I understand that this ferry ride is more interesting & less expensive than the tour boat rides.  In fact, the trip is apparently so exciting that even locals are encouraged to try it.

Sausalito is also known for its over 500 houseboats.  You can walk around the houseboat marina almost anytime.  Maps are provided for the layout of the docks on the north end of town. Some houseboats can even be toured during public events.

Custom-made houseboat


Also, don’t miss the nearby Muir Woods ….





Muir Beach Overlook

Muir Woods is less than half an hour’s drive from Sausalito and the entrance fee is reasonable (around $10).  Also, Alcatraz Island is just a ferry ride away….


This is the site of the 1st U.S. lighthouse,  1st U.S. contructed fort on the West Coast, and the infamous federal penitentiary.

All in all, Sausalito sounds enchanting.  This is one town I definitely plan to say I’ve seen when I get out to the California coast.

Stitched Panorama
Sausalito, California



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