British Columbia · Canada

Tofino, British Columbia (Vancouver Island) & Wickaninnish Inn


I’ll admit, I’ve never been to Vancouver Island, British Columbia, but I’m ready to go!!  This may be the very first place I travel any sizeable distance to see.  Here’s why:  go get the “1,000 Places To See Before You Die” video series and watch the segment on Tofino, British Columbia and in particular … the Wickaninnish Inn.


This inn has everything!   A fantastic restaurant, a  relaxing spa that is fringed by the forest and overlooks the ocean, and the coziest-looking rooms with fireplaces!   In my main photo above, you can see the roaring fireplace that is situated right in the center of The Pointe Restaurant.  This restaurant has 240° views of the stormy Pacific Ocean.   What a   dramatic spot this would be to enjoy a fresh seafood dinner while sipping on a glass of wine.  Sign me up!!!!


If you decide to venture outside, the hotel will suit you up with binoculars, slickers, boots, and oilskin hats to make the most of the winter-time Chesterman Beach drama.  If you’d rather stick around on the inside, you can catch a great view from the lobby:


The Tofino area is very rugged & mountainous.  It has  the Pacific Ocean where you can view Orcas ….


and a place to hike in the misty green Pacific Rim Rainforest ….


The couple below took ethereal wedding pictures here …


The Wickanninish Inn also has a gorgeous setting for rugged, twilight, beachfront weddings  ….


I feel very drawn to Tofino and Vancouver Island.  Maybe it’s the feeling of isolation amidst dramatic landscapes.


Whatever the reason is, I really hope to see this area with  my own eyes.  I hope to post my own pictures and observations one day soon about Vancouver Island and the Wickaninnish Inn.

The Pointe Restaurant, Tofino, BC


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