North Carolina · United States

Blowing Rock, North Carolina

This is a bustling, charming town in the mountains of North Carolina.  The air is cooler up here.   I visited Blowing Rock this summer and found it to be a beautiful place in which to explore and unwind.  There are flowers everywhere and it seems like a wonderful oasis.

Town Hall landscaping – Blowing Rock, NC
Sculpture in town

Even the gas station was the quaintest I’ve ever seen.  It had stacked stone and flower baskets on the pumps.


We ate lunch on an outdoor patio at a British pub then walked around the town.  There are many interesting stores.



Turkish lamp store
Blowing Rock, NC museum
Downtown store

Even the churches were stunning.  Many had interesting architectural features and plenty of flowers.  I’d love to know if one person or a committee of people designed the flower beds & overflowing hanging baskets found scattered throughout the town.



Slate church roof with bird on top

Don’t miss the town park!  I imagine many weddings take place in the white gazebo hung with ferns overlooking the duck-filled pond.

One of many seating areas in the park.  Beautiful landscaping throughout.


I highly recommend visiting this town in the summertime when the flowers are in full bloom.  The explosion of colors is amazing.  Stroll through the town and enjoy an ice cream cone from Kilwins!   This is a great place to relax, breathe, and enjoy life.

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