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I’ve never been to Wisconsin. I have no family in Wisconsin.  But for some reason last week, I ordered Visitor’s Guides to both the capitol (Madison) and also for Milwaukee. I have to say, I am impressed with the folks in Wisconsin.  I received beautiful pamphlets and booklets within 4 days of my order!!  Here is what I received…..

All flyers  & local map received in 4 days
Terrific marketing pamphlet


All are very professional and make me want to hop on a plane RIGHT NOW  and experience all of the exciting things Wisconsin has to offer … things that I have never heard of, things that make me even more curious about this mysterious state.  For instance, I learned that Wisconsin has activities such as snowkiting, official sledding hills (in Elver Park they make their own snow(!) and light it up for evening sledders – how fun does that sound?), Skijoring (I still have no idea what that is), supper clubs, local brandy samplings, multiple Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, and a National Mustard Museum!

Of course, there’s much more to Wisconsin than this and I can’t wait to dive in and learn.

Having started out with the capitol of Wisconsin and gotten such a great result has  given me the idea to start out with the capitols of our other states and work out from there. I love our country and want to know as much of it as I can, however I will also add a smattering of ideas that inspire me from other countries along the way.

The more I learn about Wisconsin, the more I will share in future posts.  It sounds like a really great state to visit, with lots of unique activities to try.

Here’s one example:  the travel Wisconsin website explains supper clubs as a unique Wisconsin experience that offers everything from relish trays to brandy old-fashioneds.  Sounds like these restaurants are family traditions that tend towards steak, seafood, & cocktails plus have cozy cabin-like interiors.  Here’s a picture of one I found online. It is called the Al-Gen Dinner Club and can be found in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.


This reminds me a lot of our local Log Cabin in Seneca, PA.  It’s interesting that they call these family-run establishments ” Dinner Clubs”.  They sound really cozy and inviting on a cold winter’s night.

Well, I’m motivated to learn more about Wisconsin.  They sure do care about their state and don’t hesitate to send out marketing information as soon as you request it.  That already puts Wisconsin at the top of my list of places I want to visit!



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